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Reviewed in the United States on May 8, 2020
I was looking for an old trail mix I ordered some time ago, but couldn't seem to find it.. It was called Happy Belly or something like that. I remember it being VERY good, HUGE & really fresh~ Both the products age & the ingredients used. Turns out, this is now it. It's merged with Amazon!

The bag was smaller than I remembered & it arrived with A LOT of it being smashed into tiny pieces. Obviously, shipping wasn't kind to the product. But, it tasted really good & would work just fine. The ingredients used weren't as great as I remembered, but they were good. There's a lot of M & M's, which I love! Sometimes trail mixes don't have an even balance, but this had a perfect balance. It also wasn't too salty. It was pretty perfect, in that area.

Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as good as it used to be, when it was a stand alone product. It's definitely gone through some changes & quality control isn't a priority. But, it works & if you're looking for a good amount of product, for a decent price.. this will for sure, fit the bill. Again, nothing too spectacular.. but, it's something I'd probably order again to keep on hand. It comes in handy with kids who are "always hungry" & always saying, "there's nothing to eat" when there's a house full of food! It's great to leave out a bowl, so they can walk by & scoop some up to curb that feeling. It satisfies perfectly.

I'm hoping the large number of broken product, isn't the norm & because of what we're going through in our world right now, something as simple as broken nuts/candy doesn't seem like a big enough problem to complain to Amazon about, right now. I'm just feeling a lot more fortunate for the simple things in life at this time.

Stay healthy & not "HUNGRY" like my spoiled kids! lol!!
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