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Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2020
How did Giselle get the gun without being noticed? Why didn't anyone look for the gun after a guard had been shot and killed? Why did Theo wait for Giselle to die before taking ANY action to stop events? Why did Lune die in a shuttle bay full of ships without leaving clearer instructions? How was Lune essentially a legend when she only died 16-20 years ago? How did no one find her body? How was the shuttle bay a secret? Who was driving the ship? Why did no one (including the navigational computer) notice the course changes? How did culture spread so slowly (generationally) from floor to floor (including simple knowledge like how to make a chemical lamp) when so many characters seem to move around the ship virtually unhindered? How did Tide Wing make gunpowder? How did Tide Wing steal copper pipes from behind their walls unnoticed on a space ship? What were the copper pipes carrying? Were there just unused copper pipes chilling behind the walls for no reason? How did Aster have a private botanarium that was never raided by guards? If Aster is queer, why do we only ever see her have any kind of relationship with a man? Theo is supposedly non-binary yet we are only shown this by the fact that he shaves and wears a frilly shirt in private one time. I could go on and on. Author misused the word flare TWICE in a row when they meant to use flair.
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