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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 16, 2020
I’ve only been able to print about 50 pages before the cartridge stopped working (and that’s being generous—I think I have only printed 25 pages).

I bought this on April 14th and it took a while to arrive due to the Pandemic—but that’s not the problem, it’s just to give you a sense of time. Today is June 16th and the cartridge stopped working. I’ve barely had this 6 weeks and the ink ran out.

Allow me to assure you that I don’t print a wild amount of paper. I printed one page a day for my kid’s school for three weeks. It was a table with the assignments in each category. Lots of white space. So that was 15 pages. All his other homework was done on a computer and didn’t have to printed.

However, today, when I went to print a USPS click-n-ship label from home, the cartridge just stopped working. I am describing the kinds of things I’m printing so you know I’m not printing out like 15 copies of my first book and then complaining the printer cartridge ran out.

They’re selling refurbished cartridges that have been refilled with just enough ink to work a few times before running out. This is such a scam!
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