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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2017
Starship Mine
By: Peter Cawdron
Narrated by: Jeff Cummings
This is a book I thought about for days after I listened to it. I still think about it. I like books like that, books that are so good, I roll it around to savor it again and again. What if 99% of the people you know had the very exact dream you did last night. It was on the news, all across the USA, the world. All the details, the same. It was of a planet. Well, everyone had the dream but you. Then you had the dream while awake, and it did something to you, something special....This was an extraordinary story, with things in there that is awe inspiring and terrifying. Things of hope, sadness, and love. A book that made me ask, what would I do? It was just such a wonderful book, I enjoyed it tremendously. Gave me a warm feeling. I wish I had been there.
The narrator was perfect for this book. He did a small child, a teen girl, and everyone in-between without me thinking that they were really not those people. I was in total suspended disbelieve and it was wonderful to her his voice tell me this wonderful story. He added a lot to it. thanks.
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