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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2017
I bought a two-pack of the Aprilaire 35 water panels and installed one in september - not log after it was installed, I noticed a leak I couldn't explain. On closer inspection of the Aprilaire unit, I took off the cover to observe the water flow and noticed a tiny pinhole leak in the panel. I replaced the panel with the second water panel and the leak was solved------until today (12/5/17) when another leak happened. I once again took off the cover and observed water coming out of the panel at the top (the black water distribution tray) and dribbling down the panel (NOT over the top of the tray). I went to my TruValue hardware store and bought a new panel off the shelf. When I compared the old panel to the new one I discovered the problem -the panels I got thru Amazon were about 1/8th inch thinner (not top to bottom nor side to side) than the OEM from the store. Though the boxes I got from Amazon were the same as one "off the shelf" locally, The product was problematic. Has anyone else experienced this problem??
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