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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2010
Grant Morrison's take on "Batman and Robin" shows a good deal of promise in this collection of comics. Morrison pays homage to the many writers and artists who have crafted the Batman mythos--but he offers his own unique take on it. With Bruce Wayne off the scene, Dick Grayson has the chance to play Batman and Morrison does an excellent job in developing the character. I appreciated the attempts to make a light-hearted Batman and a darker Robin but every now and then Morrison seems to lose sight of Robin--and the plot is forced to rope him back in. The art is solid and there are some interesting notes on the covers. Still there are problems. For better or for worse, Batman is one of those comics that does well with its supporting cast, from Alfred to Oracle to a great group of villains. Morrison does not use this to his advantage, creating a new group of less than memorable villains and bringing back Jason Todd as the Red Hood. Again. The art is solid and I appreciated the lighter colors and take on Gotham City. This was a fine collection of comics--but it did not seem like it fit Batman and this holds it down a bit. I'd give this work 3.25 stars if possible but note there is a lot of promise.
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