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Reviewed in the United States on October 4, 2017
I'm a bit torn about this rating...pun intended. I purchased two of these 87" long Ultimate covers in September 2016 to protect some deck furniture so we wouldn't need to bring the cushions in every time it rains. They claim "100% waterproof and fade-resistant" so I was hoping opting for the "ultimate" version would serve my needs. It turns out they are absolutely waterproof but definitely not fade resistant. After a full winter and spring I pulled the covers hoping that everything would be in good condition and sure enough there was no sign of water or dirt from over 6 months of weather. The mocha color had faded badly though. Honestly, I don't really care about the fading but if you are going to advertise "fade-resistant" then you should back that up. The reason for the 3-star rating though is that the material apparently became dry rotted and prone to ripping easily. At one point this summer when putting the cover back on the corner ripped a 10-12" tear even though I was being careful not to yank on it. I'm contacting their customer service and requesting replacements and will report back with the result. They have a 2-yr warranty so I expect this should be covered without hassle. So bottom line, the covers work great (5 stars), fade more than I would have expected (4 stars), and potentially become prone to ripping over time (3 starts). I'll remember to be particularly careful in the future but IMO I shouldn't have to treat weatherproof outdoor furniture covers like they are made out of parchment paper to avoid ripping.

UPDATE - another year and another faded and torn cover. This time I even spent an hour treating it with Star Brite waterproofing spray and UV protectant. That shouldn't even be necessary considering these covers are intended to take care of that. Still it looks like these should be considered essentially disposable after about a year.
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