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Reviewed in the United States on April 14, 2018
Delightful coffee maker if you’re only looking to use it for one year.

The design of this is so flawed, you’ll find the flow of the pour decreasing... and decreasing... and decreasing, all the while cleaning it as it instructs you to do. It never gets clean, but that does not stop it from wanting more cleaning. It will take you 68 minutes to fill one cup of coffee, as it trickles out at the speed of an icicle melting in 33 degree weather.

Then, one day you’ll notice more coffee on your countertop than your cup. You’ll assume that you’re just tired and mistakingly spilling your coffee in your non caffeinated state. You take the blame.

It’s not you. Hamilton Beach is against you. They designed this machine to slowly test your patience and convince you that you’re insane. It torments you with request to clean, fully knowing... it can never be cleaned. It will toy with your emotions until one day you crack and throw it out the front door.

Or so I’ve heard. I “would never do such a thing.”
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