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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2017
I decided to buy this book given it was from the perspective of a merman instead of a mermaid, without it being shapeshifter type romance.
While I enjoyed the concept, world and plot of the book, the characters come across as kind of flat and could have used more developing.
The other issue was that I expected that the main character's reaction to finding out he's a merman would differ or create more of an obstacle and conflict to build up the character and move the plot forward.
Instead he reacts fairly similarly to other mermaid stories and just goes along with without much struggle, which I see as a missed opportunity to really make the story and main character stand out.
Overall it is generally light in tone, so this may just not be my cup of tea as I am normally drawn to darker and more suspenseful and in depth fantasy.
I still enjoyed the book for the most part and have yet to read the second one, where I hope there is more character development.
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