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Reviewed in the United States on September 4, 2012
Having read and enjoyed Eugenie Grandet and Old Goriot, I was anxious to read Cousin Bette. Overall, I did enjoy it but there were aspects that I did not find believable such as Baron Hulot and Crevel, one an accomplished government man and the other a sharp, wealthy businessman, falling so blindingly in love with Madame Marneffe,the slut of the story, almost at first sight and to the extent that they completely ignored every clue that she was cheating on both of them with yet another (Baron Hulot's son-in-law) while being married to yet another. Also, I wonder if Parisian women of the time were really as accepting of their husbands having mistresses as was Adeline. It seemed to me that the story would have been just as good if there had been one or two fewer romantic involvements and it certainly would have been easier to follow. As for the title of the book, Lisbeth Fischer (Cousin Bette) is not the main character by any means; neither was Eugenie in Eugenie Grandet.
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