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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2019
This book should not be sold as science fiction as it is closer to an alt-history 9/11 revenge fantasy. Ironically, as in the real world, the target for this story is Iraq. Scumbags, for sure but not involved in 9/11. There may be a more direct connection between the perpetrators of the alt-twin towers event and "Iraq" than there was in our world but I could not bring myself to read that far.

There is little in the way of science fiction in this novel: Some mention of a sort of intergalactic UN but it is hard to treat them, and their Terra Novan useful idiots, "The Kosmos" (short for cosmopolitans) as anything more than antisemitic analogs. In addition to this vile racism, there is also plenty of sexism, homophobia to go with the more overt forms of racism endemic within this sorry excuse for a novel.
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