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Reviewed in the United States on October 1, 2015
"RUMBLE!" breaks the mold of what good visceral, epic tale telling can be. John Arcudi's dialog is crisp and has a sharp wit, somewhat self deprecating too. The back story of the characters is arresting. The best part is even the bit players have parts, including the minor demons that are introduced and... well, I'm not giving that away. This is a big world story that comfortably fits on the page and delivers all the bells and whistles without being the actual bloated epic it could be. Best of all, Bobby, the bartender could have been a joke. He's skinny, unsure of himself, but he has a lot of character and this appears to be his reluctant chance to be someone with more going on. His buddy Del is a lot of fun, full of beans, but not so bright. Rathraq, the warrior god is kind of inspired by old world tales of demigods, eternal but also vulnerable. He's mean and powerful but a defender of humanity, and I like that he's NOT Conan or Thor, but kind of a nod to both. Anyway, he wants his body back. Old demons with serious attitudes and their own ancient grudges have it.
That's all I'm saying.
This was in my top three comics this year and I'm pleased the collection has arrived. There's more to come as the series continues to unfold. Even my wife liked it.
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