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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 3, 2020
Meet the Rossi family - Emily and Eric and their talented son Daniel, who is a star tennis player, and quiet daughter Zara. A seemingly perfect family is introduced. We soon see the layers of this idyllic family peel away.

Zara starts a new friendship with a wild, troubled girl and they are hanging out with the wrong crowd. Eric works out of town living apart from his family during the week, his drinking is excessive and he's keeping secrets from Emily. And a new, attractive neighbor has Emily re-evaluating her marriage. The family is in crisis.

The author does a good job in keeping the story interesting and tense. You may figure out the big revelations, but it doesn’t take away from the journey. You’ll be rooting for Emily and hope that there is a path to happiness.
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