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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2020
We have executed a few of these without much real impact.

- "Sprint" to build the wrong thing: How much do you actually know about your customers before you start this process? For most companies, very little.
- Huge investment: Where do we get the resources for this process? Pull everybody off the release train?
- Innovate in isolation: if you use a subset of the team, how do you select the most innovative people? How does everybody else feel?
- Prioritization tradeoffs: how do you reprioritize your existing roadmap to incorporate the MVP created by this process?
- Late testing: this may as well be waterfall if we wait to the last day to determine if the solution is usable and has value.

And to the argument that this is just a way to teach design thinking: failures and lack of impact to not inspire and create more investment.
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