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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 8, 2014
Vengeful Games picks up the tale of the Lambert family as they try to live their lives following the horrific experience at the hands of the Fanelli brothers, Arty and Jim. With Jim dead and buried, Arty is visited by a beautiful woman who turns out to be his biological sister, Monica. Turns out, Jim and Arty's penchant for sadism is genetic, as Monica is a deadly contract killer with high end connections. If Monica wasn't deadly enough, the patriarch of the family, John is an assassin as well. The entire clan is United in one cause: continuing the game against the Lamberts that put Jim in the ground and Arty behind bars.
Menapace does a masterful job with the pacing of the story. It's a gripping page turner that's momentum makes it hard to put down. Monica and John are great characters-cold and calculating killers that are always two moves ahead and make few mistakes.
The only thing that keeps me from rating it five stars is that one has to go into the book with a suspension of disbelief. Are we really to believe that Patrick would drool over the sight of Monica at a funeral, yet when Arty first sees her, she's the spitting image of his brother Jim (who tortured Patrick and Amy throughout Bad Games). She's not Lon Chaney, just a knockout with colored contacts and a wig. Also, Patrick has his presentation at work sabotaged. How about using a flash drive or better yet, show up early and go over your Powerpoint presentation beforehand?
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