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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2022
So, I bought the digital copy of The Shadow Rising from Amazon and found it easier to read than the first boxed set. (btw - I bought The Fires of Heaven from Apple and still thought the Kindle Reader was better.)

Onto the story itself...this was better than the first three books combined! The world Jordan was building came together in The Shadow Rising. It had a good pace, wasn't redundant, and I didn't notice the foreshadowing.

Surprisingly, this installment was different enough that I thought perhaps the digital version was amended posthumously. An example: "“But this allows you to do anything you please,” Lan protested. “You can speak in the Amyrlin’s name. Why would she give this to an Accepted?” “Ask no questions I cannot answer,” Nynaeve said, then added with a hint of a grin, “Just count yourself lucky I do not tell you to dance for me.” Elayne suppressed a smile of her own. Egwene made a choking sound of swallowed laughter. It was what Nynaeve had said when the Amyrlin first handed them the letters. With this I could make a Warder dance. Neither of them had had any doubt which Warder she had meant."

Jordan, Robert. The Shadow Rising: Book Four of 'The Wheel of Time' (p. 265). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition. (For the full effect, start on p. 263 and read through to p. 266)

I've never been the type to like books where powerful female characters yearn for a male! (As if that completes her!?!) However, this made me laugh my a** off. It also gave hope that the books would continue with character development.

Unfortunately, continuing into The Fires of Heaven was an utter disappointment with how Jordan knocked down just about every strong woman in the series. An Amazon review by Mr. McGritz on 26 July 2019 got me through the 5th book. He stated: "Robert Jordan wasn't a good writer, but he was an amazing world builder...He's also pretty sexist, when you get down to it. I don't think a single female character isn't conniving and/or petty. It wasn't until the 3rd in the series that I realized I was getting angry and frustrated by certain characters, then I realized that's just how Jordan portrayed women..."

Once again, the story slips back into childishness when certain characters join the circus. After all, as a child, who doesn't want to join the circus! The second half goes back to Rand and it isn't until Chapter 53 where I'm reminded why I wanted to pick up these books to begin with.
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