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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2021
My review of the first book, space space, I was happy with parts of the book and how it was handled, but I was really not happy at all at the whiney, spoiled brat who was somewhat disgusting in his intolerance towards those who didn’t agree with his ideas and values.

This is much as is reflected in a snapshot of today’s world - people are people with their attitudes and reactions. And the truly civilized and humane way most people have been treated over the past 100 years, especially, are going the way of the dodo.

When the young Christian boy, Hakon, became Rex Hakon, or King Hakon, the reaction in his world was triumphant, then he made bad decisions that made many in his society angry. He has matured and evolved into a better version of himself, with true Leadership qualities - forbearance, a budding mature form of forgiveness, and a willingness to roll the dice even as he sets the table to give his ‘team’ an edge in how the dice fall. Would the angry, pernicious, intolerant Nithings of modernity be as knowledgeable as this young Leader became - and the Author has skryed the truth of a real leader in Hakon’s development.
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