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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2022
Well DONE Mr. Wisehart! Your myriad series in this wonderful fantasy setting are nicely (and finally) merged together in amazing omnibus.

Easily the longest (and most complex) of all his novels, we join each of the disparate parties and follow their amazing journeys separately - wondering all the time how in the world Our Author could possibly get everybody together at the same location in time for the big finale (or were we going to have a cliff hanger after all this excitement)?

Gentle readers - never fear! Michael Wisehart is here! He has never disappointed in any of the previous novels and this is not only the longest, but the BEST outing of his works to date! It has been a joy to watch this wonderful story teller mature and perfect his craft. His never-ending well of new twists on old tropes is NOT to be missed!

Whether you jump on the bandwagon here (or have been following each iteration as I have), you will NOT be disappointed!
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