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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2020
This book sends an awful underlining message with the words the author the has chosen to use. The book starts off with the “good egg” who has always been good because he was just born that way...he’s the only good egg out of the carton. The rest of the eggs are called bad eggs because they don’t always have the most desirable behavior. This is relaying the message that some people are just born good while others are bad. Some people are bad solely because of some bad actions and/or behaviors. The book ends with the “good egg” returning to the “bad eggs” after taking some time to himself. He “learns” that he can’t put so much pressure in himself (which is good) but that it’s also okay just be bad sometimes. How is it that so many people like this message!? This is in no way what I want to teach my kids. My kids are good kids even though sometimes they do things they know they shouldn’t, even though they sometimes feel very big emotions, even though it’s hard learning we can only control ourselves.

On a separate note, this book arrived significantly damaged as it was not shipped from amazon with anything to protect it. Needless to say I already had my reasons to promptly return.
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