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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2020
This SHOULD have been a full Five-Star book. It had everything I LOVE in an IR romance - an awesome dark-skinned heroine who loves herself, the sexy hero with a heart of gold who sees and celebrates all of her, ride or die best friends, secondary characters who are also fully fleshed out, and of course the HEA - but once again I'm let down HARD by the dratted heroine hijacking which just pisses me off. Especially in this case - too many Black women spend WAY too much time sacrificing their happiness in real life, and I honestly want to read a book in which they put themselves FIRST and allow others to fight for them.

What really threw me off is Lyris was unapologetically big, dark and lovely. She truly LOVES herself and wasn't willing to sell herself short. She moved to Los Angeles (with her best friend Serena) to pursue her dream of making it in the music industry, despite her highly religious family's disapproval as well as the industry's shallow penchant of looks over true talent. Lyris was a fighter in the best sense of the word, and she wasn't happy playing second fiddle when she knew she had what it took to shine. Which was why when it came down to putting her happiness above the haters, she CAVED!!! I literally wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall.

With that off my chest, this was still an engrossing read. I loved everything EXCEPT THE HEROINE HIJACKING. I loved Gage who saw the woman he wanted and was willing to do whatever it took to not just get into her panties, but to help her live her dreams. Unfortunately, he also folded when things got real and that was also a huge letdown. I expect my heroes to go to the mat for the heroine, even if she doesn't want him to. I also loved his sad backstory, being the bullied fat kid who stuttered. I liked how he didn't run away from his past, but used it to keep himself humble. Of course, my FAVORITE character was Brandi, Gage's badass Black lesbian bassist. I totally got a Me'schell N'degocello vibe from her. In fact, his entire band were a bunch of awesomeness. Oh and yes, Gage's Brazilian mom gave me feels. Loved that woman.

Minus the heroine hijacking, I place author Twyla Turner in my high top five of favorite IR romance writers.
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