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Reviewed in the United States on August 19, 2021
Clearly I missed something because I don't get it at all. If this is a bedtime story, why do we wander around town telling everyone nighty night when they are doing their daily WORK? I mean come on! The farmer just got up to begin working with the tractor on some project. For goodness sake: the rooster is still crowing! And we tell the farmer, "Goodnight"? Pretend the drive-you-nuts alarm clock just woke you up, you rolled out of bed, got dressed, went downstairs to take your first sips of coffee, and your neighbor drops by to say, "Goodmight. Sleep tight!" Are you going to think this is perfectly normal? Or are you going to wonder why your neighbor is a little crazy this morning?

And it never stops! How many of you go see the doctor or dentist for your check up or some problem and tell him goodnight? I'm sorry, but in 69.5 years I have NEVER had an appointment with any doctor or dentist right before bedtime! If I saw the doctor in the middle of the day (or even right before he closed up shop) and told him nighty night, sleep tight, he might just make me an appointment with a DIFFERENT kind of doctor! I haven't even had a doctor visit me at that time of day when I was in the HOSPITAL!

So, no, I don't get it. It is just odd. However, the illustrations are terrific and brightly colored. The kids will love that. Still glad I borrowed it from Prime reading rather than buying it. That would have definitely irritated me.
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