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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2020
Wynn Beauchene is trying to move on with her life after realizing it has been fourteen years and she has to stop punishing herself. She has a great business, a wonderful son, Hunter and a great and caring group of friends she is however missing a love life. She is not sure she will find true love although she did date and have a the serious relationship now she is rethinking her life and feels a change is necessary.

Garrick her next-door neighbour is excited and scared as his married daughter is coming to stay with him, since her mother, his ex has actually thrown her out. She is in her 9th month and angry at her dad for all the years they missed and the fact her husband, Chandler is not with her and won't be home from leave until Christmas.

Afraid and scared as to how to deal with all of this he asks Wynn for her help. They decorate the house and enjoy each others company. When Joylyn, his daughter arrives she is unhappy and all Garrick wants to do is make her happy and let her know that "she will always be his little girl."

During the process of Garrick relying on advice from Wynn, they both notice that there is an attraction brewing and wonder if and where it will go. A great easy read for the holidays.
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