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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2016
More mystery-thriller fun with Laurel, Jack, Nico and the world of international art, big money, and designer fashions in an intricate plot carried over from book one, Counterfeit Conspiracies. This time the setting spills from Miami to London to tiny villages in lovely Italy, and it's quite exciting to see what's around the next turn. A few genuine, jaw-dropping surprises mix well with the continuing development of Laurel and Jack as the main characters as we learn more about their history and motives. There's even a little blurring of the lines of who is a good guy/gal and who isn't, and all is not what it seems. Plenty of room for more of the story to come and I maintain this series would make an excellent fast-paced movie.
For those of you following along, we may have traded in the well-used Prada for a Fendi since book one, but the purse pockets still hold mysterious tools and equipment to assist the action and fun that ensues. Bravo to a sequel that is even more exciting than the first book. Keeping my seat belt fastened for the next in the series and hate having to wait for it. Write faster, please!
(Notes to self: Go to Italy. Spend night on yacht. Seek handsome British sidekicks.)
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