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Reviewed in the United States on October 14, 2021
My nephew recently got diagnosed as autistic at age 19. This diagnosis came after he graduated high school even though he was tested by the school when he was in 6th grade and they assured us he was not autistic. Before the test It seemed very obvious to my sister and I that he was autistic, but we trusted the professionals and they said he wasn't on the autism spectrum at all. Because of that test from the pros at his school, he struggled so very hard with his school work and struggled socially as well with no explanation of why. Somehow with his hard work and the support and constant encouragement he got from me and my sister, he barely scraped by and got his high school diploma.

While he was considering what he wanted to do after high school a family friend encouraged us all to have him tested again for autism. We took her advice and had him tested. This time the results told us something we already knew. He was without a doubt autistic. It was very emotional for all of us because that wrong diagnosis in 6th grade made his life so hard all through school. Then we find out that the public school he attended who gave the first test had an incentive to not diagnose his autism. In our state public schools were supposed to offer special services for kids with autism, but each diagnosis put a strain on the schools budget and the schools resources were already strained. So their solution was to not diagnose kids with special needs. I get angry all over again every time I think about what they did to him.

Immediately after getting the correct diagnosis I wanted to learn as much as I could about autism so I could try to understand what he was going though. Someone recommended this book because it talks about the condition in very plain real world language and the author was not a doctor or clinician. He was a regular guy who got his diagnosis after high school just like my nephew. I'm so grateful for this book because everything I thought was peculiar about my nephew's behavior suddenly had an answer. This book made my relationship with my nephew so much stronger and closer. It explained things about him that even he didn't understand. I bought a copy for my sister and my parents as well. This short book changed all of our relationships with my nephew for the better. So if you're considering whether or not to buy this book, I can't recommend it enough. If you have someone you love who is autistic or on the spectrum BUY THIS BOOK.
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