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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2015
By far the best in the series since the second installment. The action crisp and compelling,Deweys struggle to find peace was compelling. The plot was great and I found it very plausible.No 5 star for me because of two points that nagged at me a bit. The Presidents in the last few novels are just so far from the reality of the men we elect to the office in real life It is hard for me to envision ANY of the last 3 men to hold the office in real life, ever acting so courageously or forcefully. The author projects leaders we all wish we had in the office, not particularly we we have. Second I felt Dewey flitting about Moscow doing untold damage a bit of a stretch. The FSB a leviathan still never really entered the picture despite most of the action taking place in their front yard. But these are nit picking points, if you suspend belief a bit to ignore the poisons politics of our country and incision America as we wish it operated this is a first rate crackling good yarn.
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