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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2013
Just received and boy was this box heavy - 10 pounds! Great collection to add to our children's library.

GREAT QUALITY - A reviewer commented on The Enchanted Collection being too heavy - well for me when it comes to books, the heavier the better! Impressed with the vibrant graphics and it is a collection of fun classics that we are eager to dig into with our children.

GOOD DESIGN - The box that holds the collection is a clever design with magnets on the inside edges that attracts the cover closed. Very sturdy hard covers. Textured cover, reminds me of vintage books. Ribbon bookmarks and binding is impressively sturdy. Font is a decent size for junior readers, not too small and not too big. The trend of large fonts with large margins really irks me and thankfully this is not the case here. I like how there's no book jacket, because often times the cover itself is not impressive. There is definite weight to the cover and pages. All books are consistently designed. Pictures are bright and somewhat vintage, but in my opinion the least impressive feature of the overall design.

GREAT DEAL - I put this and The Adventure Collection in my cart to consider and then moved it to Save for Later list. As always, price notifications started appearing and the price began around $30, but then ended up at $8 somehow. Now that I am sitting down to review the price has gone back up, so buyer beware. The collection is still worth the $30 price tag, since that breaks down to $6 a book. The sun was shining when the price gods came to call!
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