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Reviewed in the United States on November 23, 2012
I'm a big fan of the previous two books in this quartet. The first, Rot and Ruin, was probably my favorite read of the year. The second, was almost as strong, and ended with heartbreak that I had to deal with for a few weeks before picking up the third. This installment is my least favorite of the three for a few reasons, but definitely worth reading, and thoughtful in its own way.

Flesh and Bone is the third out of four books by Jonathan Maberry about the zombie apocalypse that has fallen on the world. Benny, Chong, the Lost Girl, and Nix are struggling to survive in the Rot and Ruin after still reeling from deaths of loved ones. They encounter more evil than they thought possible-- a group of Reapers whose sole purpose is to have everyone join the Gray Walkers that abound the earth. New characters are introduced (including a terrifying Big Bad), and the mystery of the plane is solved.

What I Loved: The development of Chong was probably my favorite part of the book. He's come so far and his relationship with the Lost Girl is very sweet. This makes the ending that much more poignant. Also, we get the introduction of a new cult, which is terrifying in its sway in this awful world. I can imagine people giving up and joining a cult to end the human race. We see this kind of depression in medicine all the time-- and I can't imagine if the world was actually as bad as people saw it, what that would do to the human psyche. Maberry is terrific at coming up with new ethical dilemmas, and he is very thoughtful in his dealings with them.

What I wasn't as thrilled about: I know my reaction to this book is a little bit like my reaction to Harry Potter book 5. It was a must read, but because of how annoying adolescent Harry was, it was my least favorite. I had the same reaction to Nix-- so many times in the book, I just wanted to shake her. She exhibited all the worst characteristics of female communication (i.e. men need to just know what we are thinking), and was a complete brat to Benny for most of the book. Also, the first half of the book was more of the characters just wandering around in the Rot and Ruin, and seemed like just filler for the last 25%, which was non-stop action and intrigue to the end.

That said, there is no doubt that I'm following this to the end and cannot wait to pick up the fourth and final installment of this series, which is probably the best set of books I've read this year.
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