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Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2016
Several months have passed since we last saw October when LATE ECLIPSES begins, ending whatever relative peace she enjoyed on her off-season. <------I like that tactic, by the way. It makes all the hullabaloo our MC experiences on page feel more realistic, if we know things calm down when we're not looking. *whispers* No one can live in complete chaos 100% of time . . .

Regardless, it must be said that an appropriate alternate title for the fourth installment of Seanan McGuire's OCTOBER DAYE series might be: STUFF* ESCALATES.

1. Hateful characters get more hateful.

Most notably, Rasyeline Torquill, although the Queen of the Mists isn't far behind. Basically, if they've got an axe to grind with Toby, they're no longer content to passively nurse their grudge.

SO. Be prepared to grind your teeth, b/c shiesty broads are shiesty.

2. Boys will be boys . . . or cats . . . or USELESS CHICKENS (who literally HIDE their faces when people drive too fast).

Okay, so there's a bit of a triangle. Not much of one, b/c there's a clear front-runner, so mostly it's frustrating that other dude is part of the equation.


There were also numerous times when Front-Runner made my heart grow three sizes, b/c it's more and more obvious that he really, really likes our girl. *grins dopily* *giggles like school girl*

So who cares about what's-his-name (the chicken)? #notthisgirl

3. October's mysteriously mysterious heritage becomes MORE shrouded in mystery, even as we get answers.

It's both frustrating and delightful. Truly. It's a talented author who can successfully walk the tightrope of enough-information-to-both-satisfy-and-intrigue, and McGuire manages that balance masterfully. *tips hat*

In short, I was reminded over and over again of all the reasons why OCTOBER DAYE made it to my Top 5 UF Series list: a kick-ass heroine who refuses to quit, no matter the odds, a hilarious and entertaining cast of secondaries (Raf is my current favorite), a hotter-than-HAWT love interest #tybaltismyking, a fantastically fae backdrop, and the compelling plots that tie it all together. And considering that it was renewed for three more books (11 - 13), McGuire is clearly doing something right. Time for you to find out why, if you haven't already. Highly recommended.
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