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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2019
Purchase this Air-Fryer. I did all the research for you. I spent 3 days researching air fryers pouring over hundreds of reviews, specs and videos.

Very convenient. I purchased for my 70+ year old mother's birthday on August 27, 2019. Although mom was a great cook, she no longer enjoys the hassle of cooking now. But this Cosori air fryer has reunited her joy for cooking. She enjoys trying the many recipes included with the device as well as going on Google to find new recipes.

Chicken Thighs and hicken wings are big hit. I actually prefer the wings from the air fryer than any restaurant wings. Even shrimp came out great. I worried the texture of vegetables such as squash and zucchini would not do well but I was wrong. The vegetables were great as well.

The preset cooking settings make cooking super simple. The shake alarm is really helpful because it's important to turn food to prevent burning and insure even cooking.

I highly recommend this new model of the Cosori air fryer. It's basket is relatively larger than others in same price range so you can cook more at same time. Also it has a smart wifi feature which allows you to control the device with your phone.
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