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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2012
These sorts novels rest a lot on believable characters. The problem with Florida novels is that real living characters in Florida often eclipse any fictional characters for stupidity, corruption and evil intent. This is the state that attracts serial killers, Koran burning ministers, scammers and con artists, and whose main reputation in other states for monumental zaniness. Here Randy Wayne White has created a sane grounded, and admirable character. Most importantly he doesn't make her a superwomen, kung fu warrior. She's brave and tough and smart, but she makes mistakes in a dangerous situation that are both human and suspenseful. The sort that anyone placed in a highly stressful situation would make. My complaint about a lot of writers in this genre is their characters are too masterful and unbelievable and you can lose interest in them easily. The second part that I liked about this is its a tightly plotted "little" story that deals with evil and takes us on a little journey through west florida and the thousand islands. And that too makes it very readable. The challenge for Randy White is that of a male trying to write in the first person about a female. I think it's extremely difficult to do. And I think the author does a good job of this. But not quite. Which is why I gave it 4 stars rather than five. It could be that as a fan I could not forget the male Doc of his other novels, and I had the odd sensation of the marine biologist sort of springing out in drag sometimes. I'm pretty much convinced though that this is more my fault than the authors. If you are a fan read this one.It's even better if you are new to his fiction. It's great, and a new start, for White. I think Hanna, as a fishing guide, and cracker descendent, will be able to go places that the good Doctor can't quite find.
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