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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2017
This one has a little more teeth, frankly, I thought it was just a better story, with a better cast. I liked Leslie as well as Niall and especially Irial. I found him the most interesting. I liked the way he was with her and Niall, as well as Gabriel. You could tell he cared about these people as well as his court. He may not be a good person but he was true to himself in all things. I especially loved the ending, for each of the characters it felt right. Maybe hope for a continuation at some point for each of them. The only thing I didn't care for was Aislinn, I didn't understand why she wouldn't warn her friend or why she didn't take action after the fact. The friendship itself felt fake. I also thought Keenan's complete aboutface from being the nice guy was a bit jarring, unless the author plans on a more complex character with hidden depths. Although I have to say, I just didn't get that vibe from the first book. He seemed kind of one dimensional to me and I wasn't so impressed... even less impressed with him in this book.
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