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Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2021
This book felt a bit like it took all the gimmicky things we romance lovers swoon over - protective alpha male, aggressive stalker ex - and just replayed them over and over and every challenge in the book was solved almost immediately. There was no push and pull between them, there was no external obstacle to overcome, there actually wasn’t any drama to the story at all.

The secret back stories of both characters were same old same old. It was 50 shades of grey but just a lighter less gritty retelling. Though tbf I only watched the first two movies and never actually read the books because see my earlier point on plot. There needs to be something to keep the story going. This book didn’t have that for me so I DNFd at 60%.

It should also be said that the smexy scenes were not flat but they weren’t fire either. They were quick and rushed though there were a lot of them. They were NOT bdsm. There wasn’t anything bdsm about them actually.

I might read more of it but I also might not. Eh. It is perfectly finely written. It just isn’t compelling.
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