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Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2016
I'm stunned this isn't as well known as The Secret because it's about 10 times better. The secret is like an intro, and I only skimmed it having already been well aware of the material she was discussing as well as having a better understanding than what I though the book was sharing. This book however, is so much better. It really leaves an impression. I started reading it but then got the audio version because I love hearing it as I feel that really makes a better impression on me to practice it constantly. And I really LOVE this book. It's so much better than the Secret and it really is the key. If more of this had been incorporated in the Secret I think those readers really would have gotten more out of it then this would have been more of a hit rather than seemingly far less know than her first book.This one really does have the answers. The Secret really didn't.. So this one is far better by leaps and bounds and really leaves you in a positive feeling state to be grateful and feel love for so many things.
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