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Reviewed in the United States on November 21, 2017
There absolutely are dangling threads, and reversals & events that feel very abrupt, bookended with tedious description. I'd more accurately give 3-1/2 stars, but of course cannot. Must-read if you're a fan, but there are disappointments, some of which for me were baffling. I mean, I understood them, but felt Wheeler was betraying his own story. SEMI-SPOILER: One plot line has a complete deus-ex-machina even more blatant than the eagles in LOTR. We saw where it was going all along, but it was done so clumsily! I've come to expect his characters to receive better treatment.

I'm beginning to feel, Mr Wheeler, that you just have a hard time wrapping up your novels. This is not the first time I've enjoyed one trending at a stately pace, only to feel rushed through its final chapters. It's robbery, Sir, especially in the conclusion of a series!
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