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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2018
'Twas an average temperature night and not a mouse was stirring,
but there was a mild unfortunate issue that was occurring.
I had been doing lots of paperwork in my office room,
then I started to sweep up the floor with my broom.
I stared down at my two sheets of paper from the printer,
And remembered I didn't have this problem last winter.
Because last January I had a ton of Scotch tape,
but now my desk drawer was not in good shape.
There were no brads, paperclips, tape, or pins,
I had no more staples, just an old cracked magnifying lens.
I had nothing more to makes two things into one,
And I was about to give up and say I was done.
Then at the door I heard several knocks,
and when I peeked out the window there was a box.
I opened up that box and my mouth was left agape,
My prayers had been answered, it was Scotch tape.
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