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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2021
Don’t waste your money. I really was excited to read this. It sounded good, had good reviews, and Sounded like it would have a new “world” for me to explore.
By the end I hated the lead female, I have no clue what the lead guy sees in her, and don’t really care about any of the characters, there was virtually no story progression and it ended on a cliff hanger. But I honestly don’t even car nor do I wonder what will happen. The entire book is just the heroine talking about the male lead. I can never be with him, but he’s so hot, I don’t want kids, I want to sleep with him, I never want to get married, but I think I will kiss him and have a one night stand with him, no I can’t do that it will ruin our friendship….on and on it went. I felt like I was reading a preteens diary. There was basically no story (the parts with actual story could have fit in one chapter) just never ending internal dialogue about how she can’t be with this guy but wants to have sex with him. I began skimming the book, page after page of this same thing. I actually was hoping a monster would just eat her and someone else would become the story lead so she would shut up.
I am so disappointed and wish I hadn’t wasted good money on this book.
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