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Reviewed in the United States on May 14, 2018
I purchased this stroller as an alternative to the Baby Trend Snap n Go double stroller once my twin boys started to outgrow their infant carrier carseats. I have the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger that was a gift, but it is way too big to use as an everyday stroller. After comparing, contrasting, and praying for weeks and weeks, I decided on this J is for Jeep double stroller.
Price definitely played a part in my decision, as a mom of twins, when you have to buy two of everything, you want to make the most economical choice possible. My first impression was that it was very cheap looking and flimsy. It is described as burgundy, but it looked way more purple to me. I wasn't happy about this, but I let it go after many people told me it didn't look purple to them. It is lightweight, which I love. It also does not take up much space, an important factor for a mom of 3. But the wheels are plastic, which doesn't make for the most smooth ride. The middle tires twist while the side tires to straight, which makes it wobble from time to time. In addition, it is not the easiest to close. You should be able to use your foot to kick the lever to close the stroller, but many times I find myself in the middle of the parking lot stooped down and pressing the lever by hand just to get it to close.
My biggest complaint of all is that the harness does not secure my boys, no matter how tight I pull the straps. They are always able to wiggle their arms out of the chest part of the harness, then they lean forward, which propels their whole body forward, allowing them to drag their feet on the ground. They are also able to lean over and touch the wheels at this point, and there has been an occasion where one of their fingers was smashed.
I am returning this stroller and plan to purchase something with better quality wheels and harnesses, or possibly even a belly bar. I like the thought of a side by side stroller so that both of my boys are able to see what's going on, and they seem to take up less space, but I may have to go with the other type. This stroller was a disappointment. The only good thing is that I don't have to use it much because we don't go out a lot where I would need it. Lately i try to go to stores where I know they have double buggies or make sure someone is with me so that we can each but one of my boys in a buggy.
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