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Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2015
Nina Wentworth has always been the go-to person in her family, allowing her mother to avoid responsibility and her younger sister to float along, never really making decisions for herself. But when Averil comes home without her husband, soon to be followed by mom and her lesbian lover, life gets complicated. Further stirring the emotional pot is Nina's former boyfriend, Dylan, and handsome jet jockey, Kyle. A pesky 12-yr-old he is not--which is how Nina remembers him when she, at 16, babysat the boy's baby sister.

Who should she sleep with? Who can she love? But those questions take second place to keeping her sanity while dealing with her mother and lover, and her sister. When a really ugly picture picked up on her mother's latest antique-seeking trip turns out to be worth millions, the thought of all that money sparks additional angst and a growing understanding, by each of the characters, of what they really want from life and who they really are.

A truly enjoyable story worth each reader's time.
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