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Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2016
Very hard to rate. I liked how it started, and I couldn't wait for the big reveal about the dream, but it never truly came. I kept trying to figure out the clues that would provide a hint about the significance of the dream. Helena basically changed herself, her life because of this dream, so shouldn't it ALL come true? I kept thinking maybe she has split personality or maybe Kit has some magical future telling powers, but nothing. The dream is symbolic, but I just couldn't properly tie it with all that was going on.

And why were these three women so Kit fascinated? I didn't find the appeal in him. I feel like there was no conclusion. I've enjoyed Tarryn Fisher's other novels, especially The Opportunist series, but this one was just okay. Very thought provoking, but not 5 star worthy. And what was Muslim's purpose? Maybe he was just another one of life's choices.
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