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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2018
Relationships—love relationships—are difficult. We all know they start off with a bang and then most end in a painful whimper. You are left asking yourself, "How did the happen?" or "What did I do wrong?" Being in this position myself in the past, I wish I'd had a book like Mindful Relationship Habits to answer some of those questions that nobody else could.

Masters of the "Mindful Habit" craft Steve and Barrie have written a book that brings our confusion about relationship difficulties into the light. Because so many of us feel ashamed to ask the right questions, this book serves as a powerful [and much needed] guide to heal ourselves and better understand our partners in times of distress and "relationship turmoil".

The overall premise of Mindful Relationship Habits is best summed up here:
"Mindfulness simply means to pay attention, to be present, to be engaged, to be aware, to be conscious. When you apply these behaviors to your relationship, it can only grow stronger and more joyful."

This book is packed with all the wisdom, advice and practical strategies we need for making our relationships really work. You can improve on the relationship you are in, or heal a relationship that is broken.

The purpose of this book is to teach you how to have a more mindful relationship by applying 25 specific habits and practices. You will learn how to:
+Reverse Engineer Your Relationship with Mindful Habits
+Use Habits to Revive Your Love
+6 Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart
+The Benefits of Building a Mindful Relationship

As the authors stated, the purpose of this book is to improve your relationships with 25 habits. Although I won't mention all of the habits here, I will share with you the ones I liked the most and will be focusing on for my future relationships.
The top 11 habits I like are:
1. Mindful Relationship Habit #3: Create a Relationship Vision
2. Mindful Relationship Habit #4: Lead with Respect and Kindness
3. Mindful Relationship Habit #6: Cherish Your Partner
4. Mindful Relationship Habit #8: Connect and Engage Daily
5. Mindful Relationship Habit #11: Become an Expert on Your Partner
6. Mindful Relationship Habit #14: Initiate Productive Conflict
7. Mindful Relationship Habit #15: Develop Active Listening
8. Mindful Relationship Habit #17: Use “I Feel” Instead of “You”
9. Mindful Relationship Habit #23: Practice Playfulness
10. Mindful Relationship Habit #24: Disconnect from Digital Devices [definitely the best one I thought]
11.Mindful Relationship Habit #25: Learn to Love Yourself

All the habits are great and you'll definitely get your time and money worth by investing in this book. I'll be recommending it to people who need it [and we all need it].

All the best in working on your relationship habits and I hope you get as much out of this read as I did!

Scott Allan
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