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Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2015
This was a fantastic selection of short stories -- a wide variety of topics addressed, and usually with very strong heroines. Some stories were geared more towards avid readers of sci-fi, but there were some that were accessible to even a light sci-fi reader such as myself.

Containment by Susan Kaye Quinn
4.5 stars -- It took me a bit to get into the world and get past the jargon (I'm not a typical sci-fi reader), but once I did I was totally sucked in. Smart and compelling, I really ended up feeling for the narrator -- going through all the emotions with him/her/it. Beautifully told.

Nos Morituri Te Salutamus by Annie Bellet
4 stars -- fast paced and action packed! I received just enough glimpses of each character (through the narrators eyes) to really feel for them as they attempted to complete their mission. Vivid descriptions of the aliens -- enough to creep me out.

Protocol A235 by Theresa Kay
4 stars -- epically intriguing, left me wanting more. My brain attempted to figure out some of the math, and that led me down a dangerous path (if blah, then blah doesn't make sense), but that might have just been me. Great atmosphere, LOVED the concept of the story, and thought it was executed brilliantly. For such a short story, I immediately fell in "like" with the spunky narrator, Beth.

Winner Takes All by Elle Casey
2.5 stars -- I prefer reading about characters that I personally like, and I just couldn't get behind Langlade in this book...there wasn't a lot about him that was all the redeemable. I mean, he wasn't a villain or anything, he just...I don't know. I doubt we were supposed to really feel for him, but I tend to like books more if I can empathize with the hero/heroine.

Carindi by Jennifer Foehner Wells
4 stars -- Got a little lost in the jargon here and there (and my kindle dictionary did not want to confirm what a mantle was for example). Setting that aside though, this was an emotional journey. I enjoyed the uniqueness of Pio's alien form, and the little bits I could glean about how her race fit in with the Sectilians. It was a refreshingly unique and heartfelt story.

Animal Planet by Patrice Fitzgerald
3.5 stars -- Intiguing and full of mystery! It was fun to make guesses and see if they came true (and I did guess right eventually -- though I was probably supposed to figure it out right about then). Really enjoyed both sets of characters (Jane & Bryce and Roark & Curtis).

The Event by Autumn Kalquist
3 stars -- Intriguing, but equally confusing for me. It took me quite a bit to get a handle on what was happening (and I'm still not entirely sure on the bits before Zenith woke up). Once I did get a better handle on what was going on (or what I think was going on), I enjoyed the questions the story posed.

Dragonet by Sara Reine
4 stars -- Oooo!!! OK, so the first part of this left me a little overwhelmed. I think I'm just not an ideal sci-fi reader. The jargon and technical details leave me floundering. But I'm all about the characters, and I LOVED Aja. She was my kind of girl. I'm not good with all the wars and the killing, so I loved that Aja questioned things and felt empathy for her enemy. Definitely has me intrigued about the series that will follow....

Lulu Ad Infinitum by Ann Christy
3.5 stars -- lots of vivid detail (especially in the beginning)! An intriguing and realistic (in its slowness) take on exploring and creating new worlds to live on.

To Catch an Actor by Blair C. Babylon
3 stars -- Shorter, so didn't really have time to get to know either character. Very descriptive, probably to set the atmosphere, but it didn't really suck me in.

2092 by Rysa Walker
4.5 stars -- Engaging!! Course now it makes me want to finally read my copy of the first book in the CHRONOS series. I was sucked in right from the start -- really enjoyed the heroine, Mila. For a short story, I really felt like I understood who she was as a character, and she was given enough depth to make her interesting (and to make my heart cry for her). Enjoyed the other 2 major characters in the story too, even if one was a simulation. The ending just about broke my heart, and yet was so appropriate and perfect. Definitely my favourite story in the anthology. (though for the life of me the dates confused the heck out of me...I feel like I need someone to explain them)

I received a copy of this anthology in advance for review purposes!! Thanks so much!
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