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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2020
I ordered the black socks, and they work great. I don't have serious issues, but I do work on my feet all day and noticed that sometimes my ankles swell a bit. My doctor recommended a light compression stocking and this did the trick! My only complaint is that the toes are cut straight across, so I have to be careful to not pull them up too far in my foot or they squish the end of my long second toes.

I was lusting over the black and gray pack (which also contains some navy), and received it as a Christmas gift. I was not nearly as happy with the patterned socks. The patterns are not smooth, but rather embroidered into the background. This is no good for a compression sock, because the thick parts of the pattern get embedded into your legs. After wearing the polka dot socks, I look like I've come down with pox! They also don't seem to have the same compression as the solid color socks. I've pretty much stopped wearing most of the socks from this pack, other than the 2 striped pair that don't have the embroidered pattern. Bummer, because I was so excited about the fun patterns.

Overall, I'd give the black (or other solid color) socks 4.5 stars, but only 1 star for the patterned socks.
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