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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2019
I used this product during a recent bout of canker sores. The first couple days I only used it in the AM before normal eating and drinking. No issues. Tasted great. Seemed to help the canker sores.

However on the 3rd day I used it at night before going to sleep and without rinsing my mouth after. When I woke up it felt like my gums and inside of my lips had a burn, and they were bright red. I (stupidly) didn’t correlate this to the mouth wash. And since this mouth wash is meant to help with mouth sores I continued to use it for another 3 days. By this time the inside of my lips were completely swollen and starting to develop sores. I was in complete agony, I could hardly talk and was going to see the doctor since I thought I had gotten some sort of illness. Then it dawned on me.... what if the cause is mouth wash for mouth sores? Within 24 hours of not using the product the swelling was completely gone and the pain had significantly reduced. Within 48 hours my lips were almost back to normal like nothing had happened.

Lesson Learned: Read the label on the back of the bottle! It clearly states that if any of those symptoms occur to discontinue use immediately.

Don’t be stupid like me. Know that there is a possibility of having an adverse reaction to this product. And stop using it if it doesn’t work for you like it should.
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