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Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2018
I bought these pants (46 X 30 in black) figuring that they would probably be so-so like everything else that seems to be made for people that aren't "perfectly shaped."
I'm VERY happy to report that I was right than usual. ;-) (Obviously, I'm a guy.) Anyway, they fit well, feel quite comfortable, including plenty of room up front for sitting for too long, driving etc. No binding nor need to adjust. TMI? Nope...that's kinda important to us fellas.
Perhaps I just happen to be the right sort of fat, but these jeans fit better than any other (Seriously! I'm 54 and this is really true!) pair of non-tailored pants that I've ever purchased. This includes purchases I've made in stores that I've tried on the item. These still fit better than those. Yep. That would be part of, "Any."
I will be buying more and would encourage you to seriously consider these jeans. I don't work for them, they have never contacted me, except by sending what I ordered, nor am I in any way benefitting by writing a review. I don't usually write a review, but this actually moved me to want to speak up about a product/seller that shows what honest, ethical and attention to detail/customer needs and feedback.
In closing, one must ask the obvious question after reading all of this. That question is: "Do penguins have knees?" Whilst you ponder that, just think about how good those jeans are going to look on you. A coupla days later they're going to look great in the window of the laundry machine (front load) at the laundromat and again when you put them in the dryer. Other people are just going to sob quietly about how icky their clothes look when compared to yours. Okay. The fact of the matter is that, yes, penguins do have knees. Now that you know that, I'm sure you'll rest much better and probably get better fuel mileage. Of course, that may not be true.
I hope you've at least taken away from this little novel, that I'm very happy with the product and will absolutely be buying more in the near future. The rest of the silliness is just there to, hopefully, bring a little smile/sunshine into your day/night and I sincerely believe that it will be passed on from you to others, thus we can all spread a bit of happiness in a world that is in dire need of more love and less hate.
~peace to all
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