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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 15, 2020
Of all the films ever made that involve submarines and some kind of military action Crimson Tide is pretty much the most boring. This film hasn't stood the test of time and is as boring today (2020) as when it first made it to the big screen. Hopefully this film will continue to serve as an example of how not to make a film or tell a story that revolves around a submarine involved in military action. Who cares about this type of interpersonal drama onboard a nuclear sub? A trigger-happy captain of a nuclear sub who suffers from anger management issues and breaks under pressure is not believable, not even as a fictional character. The US Navy and in fact the navy of no country would put such a person as Gene Hackman portrays in the captain's chair of any sub let alone a nuclear sub carrying nuclear missiles. Still, you have to give credit to Hackman and Washington for doing so well with such lackluster material. Sorry Gene and Denzel, you did deserve better, but the money must have been good.
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