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Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2015
Just like the novels before, this one is jump started immediately. Apparently Sookie has inherited something from her cousin Hadley. For years, the Stackhouse family had thought Hadley was on drugs. Turns out, she was a vampire and now she's been murdered.

Sookie has a new suitor vying for her favor. Quinn is a weretiger who first met Sookie at the packmaster choosing ceremony and it seems that she made such an impression on him that he wants to date her.

So much happens in Louisiana when Sookie goes to collect her cousin's belongings. The queen of Louisiana has made an alliance/marriage with the king of another state. This ceremony happens to be going on during Sookie's visit.

If you think Sookie has led a danger filled life before, then you'll be shocked at all the danger that constantly surrounds her in this book. Not only that, but Sookie faces a horrible betrayal; one that she doesn't believe she'll ever be able to forgive.

I truly loved all the thrilling action in this book. Amazing how far people are willing to go to deceive others and acquire what they truly want most.
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