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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2019
My 6.5 year old son LOVES the Bad Guy books which has sparked a love of books for him. The only issue I have with these books is saying “unkind” words like dumb, stupid, sucks, etc but it was a great opportunity to teach him that he is going to hear unkind words like this all the time and it’s all how he reacts. We need to teach our children how to react in situations instead of running to tell a parent/teacher a book says stupid. Teaching them young will hopefully help as they get older. When I was young, they were BAD words and I would get in trouble if I said them but I didn’t understand why they were bad words. As I got older, I was more tempted to use those words because they were outlawed. Kids ask a million questions because they WANT to learn and it’s up to us adults to teach them why the world is the way it is without 100% sugarcoating it.
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