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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2019
I recommend this book. Ms. Shalvis is on my auto-buy list, and this one did not disappoint. I think you will enjoy it.
This is a Heartbreaker Bay Novel. In it we revisit old San Francisco friends Caleb and Sadie, Archer and Elle, Lucas and Molly. Caleb’s cousin Kel O’Donnel returns from Idaho, where he is a rancher and a sheriff.
Ivy Snow has a taco truck and a rented apartment. This is a huge improvement from the way she grew up. She grew up transient and now she is loving the boring, somewhat stable life of a business owner. Growing roots is very strange for her, but it is what she wants to do.
Both Kel and Ivy have serious trust issues. Ms. Shalvis guides them to learn to trust each other (even if no one else). Ivy discovers she has friends at the Pacific Pier building. Things are going great when suddenly Ivy’s past appears and destroys what she has. However, the book does give Kel and Ivy their Happily Ever After, once they decide to trust each other.
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