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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2012
This works great. For those who wondered what that little white thing is: it a fuse holder (fuse included). The best way to install this (for beginners like me), is when you install a new headunit (aftermarket navigation system or sound system). If you aren't planning on taking your dash apart, then there's no good way to install this. Basically, when you are crimping the new headunit wiring harness into your vehicle wiring harness, you can splice the two wires from this thing in there as well. Most professional installers recommend soldering wires together since cars shake and rattle constantly; however, i found that using barrel crimp connectors was much easier. Basically, i twisted the power lead (+) on this cable in with the 12V ignition lead in the headunit harness, then crimped that into the vehicle harness; you do the same thing with the common wire (-) to the battery negative lead, and viola. The worst part is contorting your body up underneath the dash trying to pull this to where i wanted my radar to be mounted; but its at least 10ft long, so there's plenty of length to play with.
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