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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
Six tales, six hot heros and six kick ass heroines! Blue Saffire and her three new authors, aka the Triplets wrote six wonderful stories, all page turners. Each tale gives a unique twist to an age-old fairytale.

Blue Saffire's "His Cinder" gives us the story of a contemporary Cinder Ellis and her prince. This Cinderella is no weakling and she delivers a mean "pimp slap". You will swoon over Princeton, laugh at and with some of the supporting characters, and want to join the fight when Cinder checks her evil Step-Mother and Step-Sisters. And, yes, the sex is fire. A fun read.

Tiya Rayne's "The Broken" is a modern day tale of the ugly ducking. Dean and Sienna have a forgotten history but cross paths years later. Both the H and h are now broken and searching for happiness. The H is bitter and angry after his fall from being the golden boy. The h suffers from distorted vision of herself. Through Tiya's writing you feel the anger and the angst of the main characters. There are surprise twists and several ah ha moments. In the end our ugly dckling and her tarnished prince find their HEA.

KT Adler's "Red's Revenge" take Red Riding Hood and turns it upside down. Red ain't afraid of no Wulf! In this story Red and her Wulf have a history. The big bad and in this case wealthy Wulf returns seeking revenge. His goal, to devour those that have wronged him. But, this Red doesn't need a savior. Wulf never stood a chance. KT gives us mystery, suspense and lots action. In the end Wulf gets Red but it's Red who gets revenge.

Tiya Raynes' "Dragon Wishes" is a delicious remake of Aladin's Lamp. Bound by an evil curse our H waits for his true love. The h seeking a better life for herself and her brothers finds herself drawn to her mysterious and sexy employer. Despite supernatural forces conspiring to keep them apart, Wei and Bri develop a bond. It's a classic love conquers all or in this case evil. It will have you longing for your "three wishes."

Ivy Haper's "The Cursed"! This Sleeping Beauty is like none other. The men are hot, macho alphas. The women are badass! Ivy gives us action, mystery, supernatural happenings, fierce battles, and sex scenes that are fiyah! The scene descriptions are so vivid you feel as though you are part of the action. This book will have you wanting more. Bravo Ms. Harper.

Blue Saffire's "Beautiful Beast" flips the tale of Beauty and the Beast. In this tale the beast is the h. The beauty is the H. The word imagery is delightful. The interaction of the enchanted household staff is witty and funny. Daniesh, the horny fairy is a hoot! The suspense building leading to the climax of the battle will have you holding your breath. The plot twists are as only Blue Saffire can do. A great story.

All six of these stories are retelling of childhood fairytales. Each author has a different writing style but each story is a fun read. I thoroughly enjoyed each one and look forward to future releases.
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